Thursday, October 14, 2004

49-51 from: sun city blues


drove the flat tire car
to the corner of 7th & washington
to the corner where
women in lace & whalebone
with 8 lbs a makeup on their face
stood rockin
bawkin about which no pecker
faithless husband cheated her.
to the corner where a wirey black man
stood smokin kool after kool
starin at the girlies
to the corner where the magic a music
bumped its rhythm
pumped its blood flow
humped its listeners


drove down to the corner
thumpin tire tired car
slumpin forward
leanin to one side
where a doe eyed black cutie
smiled wide
at me while shakin her hips
to the hip hop song a night.
the corner where strung out angels
with black hungover eyes
hung to one another with the shakes
lookin to get baked.
the corner of neon light
meets black flannel darkness


to the corner where every envy child
sucked the bitter pap
a red streetlights
blinkin out their mouths.
to the corner where
lovers & strangers share cigarettes
pickin up throw-away butts
off the shoe-worn concrete
to steal one last drag apiece.
to the jazz corner
where life lives
and breathes
out an old man’s
tarnished sax
above his upturned hat
that holds 3 quarters
and a dollar bill.


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